Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 90 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 15.00%
    Additional terms Earn 15% commission on new sales you bring in. Because Fearless is a subscription service, you will continue to earn 15% for the lifetime of the users whom you bring on board, subject to the terms of this program. Note: Commissions are calculated on the total amount of the payment BEORE any required sales taxes / VAT, etc. Tax rates vary by region. You are not paid a commission on any user that is refunded or that does a chargeback.
    Fearless is the streaming service for LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows. Members pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to watch unlimited content. No ads. Available on web, iOS, Android, Roku and FireTV.

    Affiliates participating in this program agree to act in good faith.

    What we love:
    - Sharing about Fearless on blog artiles, vlogs, listiles and so on.
    - Including Fearless in listle videos or articles (such as "Top 10 Streaming Services" or "Top 10 Things to Watch on Fearless")
    - Sharing about Fearless via display ads on your website or owned media properties.
    - Sharing about Fearless on your website, email newsletters, social media and more.
    - Sharing specific movies/shows on Fearless that you love and think others should check out.
    - An similar activities.

    The following activities are prohibited:
    - Downloading Fearless' videos or audio media and reposting them in any way. Sharing our videos in an article is acceptable only if you embed them.
    - Promoting in ways you didn't tell us about in a way that could be seen as malicious, misleading or mishievious.
    - Promoting alongside porn, gambling, smoking, drugs or illegal activities in a misleading way. We are a sex-positive company, so websites that promote sex content are acceptable as long as Fearless isn't listed as an alternative to (or competitor of) porn services (because we aren't one).
    - Artificially inflating views of content on the platform.
    - Marketing primarily to users under 18 (its okay if users under 18 are INCLUDED, but they should not be the primary audience).
    - Using your affiliate links to create fake accounts or hiring someone to do so.
    - Making promises or false claims to people in order to coerce them into signing up.
    - Sharing your affiliate links in places where bad actors may illicit illegal signups or signups with cards they don't own.
    - Repeatedly sharing affiliate links in places like social media or in the comments on websites.
    - Getting signups by employing the use of "like farm" bots.
    - Spam and fraud activities.
    - And other similar activities for which we may add here in the future.

    Actions we may take if you violate these rules:
    - We may ban your account either temporarily or permanently.
    - We may deny all future and past commissions and/or withhold funds temporarily or permanently.
    - We may take legal action including charges for fraud, theft and other crimes.

    So, in short, do good things, not bad things, and we will get along swimmingly. :)

    We take privacy very seriously and expect the people we partner with to the same. Where possible, we reduce the amount of private information we collect and/or retain and ask you to do the same. You are also subject to our Privacy Policy for Fearless as a whole.